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The berry nursery has three locations in Roggel, Neeritter and Zoelmond.

The Roggel Location
This location is the heart of our business. This is where it all began, and most activities still take place here. In addition to the cooling and packing station, the Roggel location has 20 hectares of redcurrants (of which 2 hectares in greenhouses) and 2 hectares of raspberries. Here, all the harvested fruit is cooled, sorted, packed and sold, and our office is located here as well. The accommodation for our foreign workers is also located in Roggel. For more information about this, see the personnel & vacancies page.

The Neeritter Location
Deze locatie hebben wij aangekocht in januari 2009. In 2010 zal de eerste oogst rode bessen van het 23 hectare grote productieveld, waarvan 13 hectare net over de grens in Belgie ligt, plaatsvinden. Het geoogste fruit zal vervolgens naar Roggel getransporteerd worden waar het gekoeld wordt om te bewaren tot na het seizoen.

The Zoelmond Location
This location is not really part of our berry nursery, but we do work together a lot. This nursery actually belongs to Jan’s brother Albert and his wife Wieke. The name of this nursery is BTG Fruit. Click here to go to the BTG Fruit website.