Nederlands Duits Pools Engels

Then & Now

In 1980, Jan and Karin van Zuilen started a 3-hectare berry nursery together in Zoelmond (Province of Gelderland). After a few years, the business in Zoelmond proved too small for Jan and Karin’s ambitions, and they decided to look for a location with more land.
After some searching, they chose the site of a former plant nursery in Roggel. Thanks to the facilities offered in Roggel, the business gradually expanded to become a large nursery with redcurrants, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. The fruit produced by the berry nursery is harvested, sorted and sold entirely under the company’s own management with the BerryStars brand name via its dedicated marketing organisationBerrybrothers BV. Since 2005, Jan and Karin’s two sons, Nijswin and Gerco, also work in the business via a general partnership arrangement.

In January 2009, a new business with about 23 hectares of redcurrants was acquired at Haardstraat 18 in Neeritter (Limburg). This will be in full production in 2012. Gerco now lives on site at the business in Neeritter and will be responsible for day-to-day management there. Similarly, Nijswin will be responsible for the business at Roggel. With his many years of experience in growing berries, Jan will certainly have an influence at both locations. In the office, Karin and Romy (Nijswin’s girlfriend) are the ones who ensure that the administration is well handled. They are the first point of contact for all administrative matters. Franciene, Jan and Karin’s daughter, is still studying at present. She hopes to join the firm as well in the future and run the business together with her brothers. It can therefore be rightly said that Zachtfruitkwekerij van Zuilen and Sons is a flexible family firm that still has the required ambition.